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Highlights from the Crazy College Tv Show from 1975. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry...


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Paley Center for Media (Museum of Television and Radio) Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it. So go.

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Dedicated to all music odd, silly or forgotten, Crazy College has been hitting the airways since 1984. Hosted by Geo. Stewart, it's a fun way to look at the whole panoply of American social attitudes and what them change, sometime even evolving for the better. Spike Jones, Stan Freberg Allan Sherman, they all have a home here, as do Brother Theodore, Billy Murray, Raymond Scott and more.

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Our Motto- "Never underestimate the potency of cheap music."

- Amanda Prynne, Private Lives

The end of the year once again brings a break from the lame programming that is endemic to the Game Show Network. But only for about a week. Starting tonight (really Thursday morning at 3 AM) and through New Year's they run – well, rerun - old episodes of "Ive Got A Secret" followed by "What's My Line?". Why, you ask, don't they run them year round? The answer is easy: they're in black and white and advertisers don't like black and white, even advertisers for bladder swings and no-stick pans ("Get the second one free! just pay separate handling and shipping..."). I hope they play the "I've Got a Secret" episode where Jonathan Winters' mother was on. She was as crazy as he was! Had her own radio show and did the same sort of wacky voices. The nut doesn't fall very far from the tree, it seems. When Gary Moore asked her to do some of her far-out voices she said, "Not for what you're paying." They quickly went to commercial...

According to Mark Evanire on his seminal site “News From Me” they will also run the 90 minute What's My Line? 25th anniversary retrospective special that aired once in 1975. That will be on Christmas Eve.

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Dec 21

“Ho! Ho! Ho! Oh, NO!”

A special holiday edition of Crazy College. We’ll hear from the likes of Stan Freberg, Esquevel and The Therapy Sisters. Bad boys Homer & Jethro are worried they might not get anything for Christmas. While Dan Hicks and Walter Brennan say they would be more than happy with a sock for of coal.

Dec 28

We're a no-show for live sports on WVUD.No, wait we MAY be back on with more Christmas music to see out the old year.

Jan 4

Let’s start this year on a high note by making mince meat out of 2014!

“Capitol Steps: Politics Takes a Holiday

We say good-bye and good riddance to last year with the Capitol Steps and their annual year-end review. “You say ISIS, I say ISIL. Let’s call the whole thing off.”

Jan 11, 2015

“Hair Apparent”

This week we head off to Mayberry, N.C. for repast of hamburgers and corn liquor and at the Road Kill Cafe. Next Don Bowman loses big time when he goes toe-to-toe with his new rider mower. And finally the Cowsills and George Therogood stop in at Floyd the Barber’s for some tonsorial magic. All that and then some, next time on Crazy College.

From the "Reach for a Puppy instead of a Smoke" Dept:

Where are the great toys of yesteryear? On eBay at unimaginable prices. I use to buy these in the late 50s at truck stops everywhere for 15 cents and I'd give your right arm to get one now (but not money). I wonder what made the cigarettes puff those perfect smoke rings.

Another great Christmas gift, again from mom, back in the early 1970s. The copyright reads "1922-1924 Kink Features"

Frequent Crazy College guest Chris White's model of the Invisible Man

Below is a curio that Chris White made for the annual Blobfest held in Phoenixville, PA. It's really a bar of soap, which is what you would be if the Blob got ya.

This is the limited edition Crazy College T Shirt from 1989.

The people who put together My Book House did a multi-volume set on the history of the world – just like Will and Ariel Durant, but for kids and with better illustrations. This is the cover of Volume One



From the "Have you ever been or are you now..."Dept:

Chris White liked the Aliens Show and signed me up!

From the "Mr. Wizard's Worst Nightmare" Dept:

My best Christmas gift ever. There was a rivalry between those who had Gilbert Chemistry Sets and those of us that had Porter. What I wouldn't give to find a copy of the old lab manual of instructions....

Brain Drool

To me a house without squeaky floors can never be a home.

Look what some listener sent us: a Steel needle case for 78s. If you loved your recorders, which cost close to a day's salary for the average working man at the time (It's why we needed strong unions – and still do).

Join me every Sunday evening at 6:00 PM on 91.3 FM, WVUD, Newark where like an babbling brook, they STREAM!

Professor Emeritus Dr. Soupy Sales with eager student:

More News You Can Loose...Check out the interview section for insightful conversations with satirists Tom Lehrer and Stan Freberg, comedian Dayton Allen, Disney animator and founder of The Firehouse Five plus Two, Ward Kimball, and satanic madmad (he was really a nice guy) Brother Theodore and more!.

From the G. Stewart/C. Healy Archives: A 7 year old Andrew Warhola does his first silk screen: "36 Wax Coke Bottles."

Now hear all WVUD's fine programming over the web by going to the web page and then clicking on "LISTEN", something good to do on Sunday nights twix 6 and 7 on WVUD...

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