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Highlights from the Crazy College Tv Show from 1975. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry...

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Dedicated to all music odd, silly or forgotten, Crazy College has been hitting the airways since 1984. Hosted by Geo. Stewart, it's a fun way to look at the whole panoply of American social attitudes and what them change, sometime even evolving for the better. Spike Jones, Stan Freberg, Allan Sherman, they all have a home here, as do Brother Theodore, Bob & Ray, Raymond Scott and more.
"Never underestimate the potency of cheap music."

- Amanda Prynne, Private Lives

The Children of Don Herbert

or Futile Gestures Marching for Science

DATELINE: April 22, 2017 It was the proverbial taking coals to New Castle. A bunch of aged college town habitués painfully walking with arthritic hips and knee replacements around the town of Newark, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the University of Delaware. It was cold and damp but it made us feel like we were achieving something. And it brought back memories when we stopped the war. It was a creative crowd, raised on, tv, home chemistry sets and Sputnik, joining the rocket club and blasting them off in the backyard and scaring the cats. Lightly raining, umbrellas soon outnumber the placards three-to-one. Some of the signs exhibited the creativity that is the scientific spark. One read, “Black Holes Matter.” Another, “Free Schrödinger's cat.” I wore a shirt my girlfriend gave me that read, “I’m with Stupid,” with a large red arrow pointing straight up. All was going well until many of us decided we needed a bathroom break around the time the Deer Park Tavern came in view, promising to catch up with the rest shortly. There, we raised a glass to the late Don Herbert and recalled a time when there were no such things as “Alternate Facts.” When I returned to my group, a little buzzed and very tired, I flashed back to the last protest I in so many years ago and shouted, “Pigs off campus!” I was asked to leave, and seizing the opportunity, did so.

Chris White heard me talk about my chemistry set on the air one day a while back and surprised me a few weeks later with an original copy of the Experiment Book that came with the set. There were two schools when it came to Chem Sets: you were either a Gilbert person or a Perfect boy, I the latter. At its peak, my lab had nearly a hundred bottles of chemicals, bought at

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May 28

"Brian Lee's Memorial Day Special"

June 4

"Beat the Meatles"

It was 50 years ago today...

This week, we once again succumb to Beatlemania as we examine the Fab Four through all the novelty songs that we done to cash in on their fame. We'll play Beatle tracks backwards to prove that Paul really did die in 1966, and talk with Beatle expert Joel Glasier the clues on the album jackets. All that and then some next time when Crazy College catches Beatlemanina.

June 11 'Horse Feathers"

This week it’s off to the races with Spike Jones and the Korn Kobblers. We get some fashion tips from Herman and his Hermits, and hear a duet from Jack Kluggman and Tony Randal [oh, please don’t duet!] ....All that and then some, next time on Crazy College...

June 18

"Pardon My Banjo"

This week we take up the banjo with Stan Freberg, Grandpa Jones and Tiny Tim. We go a little buggy with the Who and Flanagan & Swann. Then the Three Stooges, Elaine Stritch and Soupy Sales teach us our ABCs. All that and then some, next time on Crazy College.

June 25

"To The Queen!" This week Crazy College salutes the comedy songs of the British Music Hall. Monty Python, the Kinks, even the Beatles owe an awful lot to the music of the music Hall. And you can suss out the influence in many of today’s comedian, too, if you know where to look. Find out more next time on Crazy College when we spend a night at a British Music Hall.

July 2

"Jean Shepherd Remembered"

This week we recall Jean Shepherd, the last of the great American humorists. Most know him from the film “A Christmas Story, but he pioneer the radio talk format, telling his long, rambling shaggy dog stories nightly on WOR in New York City for well over twenty years.

July 9

"Spy Vs Spy"

This week we go undercover with the Detergents, Plastic Bertrand, and Allen Sherman. Plus a salute to the inventor of The Blender, big band leader Fred Waring.

July 16

"Dance to the Muzak"

Let’s get rowdy as Big Bird teaches us to dance; Spike Jones, Louis Nye, and The Kinks take us out for a drink; and Peter Sellers is joined by his old pal Blue Bottle for a disastrous duet.

July 23

"The Stan Freberg Show"

This week, something special as we salute radio's the premier satirist of the nineteen fifties, Stan Freberg, by airing two episodes of his 1957 radio show. In the 50s he had a string of hits including "John And Marsha", "The Banana Boat Song", "The Yellow Rose of Texas". All of which lead CBS to give him Jack Benny's old radio time slot on summer. It didn't last. We'll tell you why – you'll hear why – and it was a shame that it didn't.

Another great Christmas gift, again from mom, back in the early 1970s. The copyright reads "1922-1924 King Features"

Frequent Crazy College guest Chris White's model of the Invisible Man
And below is a curio that Chris White made for the annual Blobfest held in Phoenixville,PA. It's really a bar of soap, which is what you would be if the Blob got ya.

This is the limited edition Crazy College T Shirt from 1989.

>The people who put together My Book House did a multi-volume set on the history of the world – just like Will and Ariel Durant, but for kids and with better illustrations. This is the cover of Volume One.


From the "Mr. Wizard's Worst Nightmare" Dept:

My best Christmas gift ever. There was a rivalry between those who had Gilbert Chemistry Sets and those of us that had Porter. What I wouldn't give to find a copy of the old lab manual of instructions....

To me a house without squeaky floors can never be a home.

Professor Emeritus Dr. Soupy Sales with eager student:

More News You Can Loose...Check out the interview section for insightful conversations with satirists Tom Lehrer and Stan Freberg, comedian Dayton Allen, Disney animator and founder of The Firehouse Five plus Two, Ward Kimball, and satanic madmad (he was really a nice guy) Brother Theodore and more!.

From the G. Stewart/C. Healy Archives: A 7 year old Andrew Warhola does his first silk screen: "36 Wax Coke Bottles."

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